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A while a go… A LONG LONG while ago I played around with Burger Kings Simpsonize Me web app. This was just after the movie was released in the US, while I was there for my summer vacation. Also this was before it was updated to recognize faces from photos. Back then it was just a little app. to visualize yourself with. A D.I.Y Simposizer, if you will.

Anyway, this is what I managed to create back then. Though it resembles me as much as Father Ted resembles George Clooney.

The software used to make this image a little more pretty is called Picturesque, which I am proud to say I own.

On another note, I’d like to share an annoyance with you all;

Back in 2000, when I worked for a wanky American corporation called Rare Medium (RIP), terms like “Synergy” and “Think outside the box” used to get thrown around all the time, by wankers they hired to sell the services of Rare “Good riddance” Medium. Needless to say I am half gagging right now, just for typing these words.

Now in 2008, working in an advertising agency, you hear all sorts of buzz words. But I had hoped someone had taken the two aforementioned terms behind the shed, and emptied a clip in them. So you can imagine my HORROR to hear these two terms from some leather wearing art director, in one of our monthly meetings. I had to restrain myself from reaching across the table and throttling him.

Was it brought into the new media industry by some tosspot in a poxy cardigan and baggy pants? And where can I find him, so I can explain my dislike for these terms, with a blow torch and a pair of pliers?

< /rant >