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O’Hare Airport Is HUGE!!!!

OK so here I am at O’Hare Chicago, waiting for my connection flight to Charlotte. JESUS this airport is big.

It must have taken me 40min + to get from the international section to the domestic. That’s not walking, thats taking trains and walkways.

Anyhow, It’s not like any other American airport I’ve been, where all the walls are grey and dull. O’Hare is very modern and looks quite good. Lots of shops and junk food. Wifi only £3, and I can sit here till the cows come home. Though my flight is in 40mins.

So I’ll be in the US of A for the next 2 weeks, enjoying some what warm weather, and visiting the beach at Myrtle Beach. Also visiting Charleston for Nikki’s biometric scans, so she can finally get her UK visa.

Signing off for now.