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Moving From Wordpress to Octopress: A Royal Pain

I’ve been looking around for a while to an alternative to Wordpress. Something faster and less high maintanance1. I even looked at moving to Tumblr.

I came across Matt Gemmells blog which is clean and very fast. One of his posts was about moving away from Wordpress. I decided this weekend I’d try moving my blog from Wordpress to Octopress, which is the same engine Matt uses.

No point going into the differences, many people have already explained. But to put it simply, Octopress has no database backend and the pages aren’t dynamicly created. You “bake” (make plane HTML files) from all your posts, and upload them to your host. Downside, you’d need to do this every time. Upside, it doesn’t take very long at all. Less than a minute for my blog.

That all sounds amazingly simple, right? Fuck no, it has litrarly taken me the entire weekend to convert my posts from Wordpress to Octopress, and make it look half decent.

Finding a clean theme was tricky. Finding a decent converter was time consuming. Then came the tweaking.

It’s pretty much done now and I am evaluating the work-flow for the next few posts, while the Wordpress version of the blog is still running.

I’ll update this post as I get a long. Maybe.

  1. Updates, plugin updates, theme updates, more plugin updates. Argh! had enough.