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Mobile Blogging

So I bought an iPhone and am using it right now to blog while laying I’m bed. Sad I know, but easy and relaxing.

Actually using a Word Press app to connect to my blog. It’s somewhat of a no frils app, but seems to do what it needs to do, and I’ve become quite good at typing on the iPhone.

I don’t have a lot to complains about the iPhone, except the über shite battery life and the lack of decent Bluetooth support. Besides that, I love every thing else about it.

I am sure when they add copy an paste in the new update it will be even cooler. Not forgetting the turn by turn GPS, which will allow for such apps like TomTom, as right now the GPS is not much help except to tell you where you are right now on the google map or emailing your current location to a friend or twitted. Allbeit useful some times. It would work great in an emergency.

I’ll write more later about the iPhone and bedroom blogging. For now I bid you good night.