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Oh Bollox!

So it’s been a couple of weeks without any updates, thanks to my previous hosting company, who shall remain nameless “cough Dreamhost cough”.

It took them two weeks to restore my files from some remote servers, so I was told. But for fucks sake, you’re suppose to be a professional hosting company and not a tinpot 50p host. HOW ABOUT BACKUPS? … Arseholes.

Anyway, I’ve moved my files and all my domains to a new fast and much cheaper company, who offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space. They’re called Hostmonster and so far, I am pretty pleases. Dreamhost was slowing down every day, it would take so long to get to my pages. And I know if it was me browsing someones site at that speed, I’d move on.

To cut a long story short, I’m still updating all the files and as you can see, I’ve not moved my skins over to the new WP update. This weekend, I’m hoping to do everything and bring it back to normality. Also notice photoblog isn’t working.

Check back in a few days (all 4 of you that look at my blogs ;)