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It’s Finally Done

So here we are, at Atlanta airport, Zoé has gone to the cargo section, waiting to come on board and get placed in the cargo bay of this Boeing 777-200 (G-VIIB). We’re both pretty nervous for her, since she’s been quite scared the whole day, with the 4 hour car trip from Rock Hill to Atlanta, and then the noises of the cargo bay for British Airways World Cargo.

It’s been quite stressful for both Nikki and I, but it’s finally happening and we can begin our life together.

We managed to put all of Nikkis belonging in two suitcases. That includes her PC which we crammed in a suitcase and wrapped in bubble wrap and clothes. Though I took out the hard drive and put it in my carry-on. You never know how BAs or Atlantas baggage handlers will deal with our cases.

Anyway, I’ll be posting this once I am in London, and have internet, because I am not paying seven bux for 1hr of Internet at this airport.