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Moving Weekend

So this weekend is when I move into my new apartment. I hired a van this morning, and shifted some of the big lots, with the help of my brother.

Driving a big white van give you a lot of not so respect in the streets. As they are well know for their attetiude and shit driving in London streets. I was going to roll down my window every now and then and shout “Alright luv?” at passing girls, or blow my horn for no apparent reason, but thought better of it, especially as I was getting quite tired towards the middle of the day with all the manual gear changing (stick shift to you Americans). It’s been a while since I drove a manual vehicle. But to my surprise, I didn’t have any issues and never stalled the van.

I have to use tomorrow to move the rest of the gear and my computers. Although there won’t be any Internet in the new place until way after I come back from US of A, thanks to British Telecom and Be Internet, both of which need 10 working days to come in and plug something. BASTARDS!

I’m sure I’ll be able to steal some net off someone in the neighboring apartments. I’ve already done a quick scan, and a few of them had open Wi-Fi, so maybe I’ll be able to check emails and browse (slowly) without raising suspicion.

UPDATE: It’s Sunday, and I’m doing the last bits of packing, and making the final uses of the rented van. I think I’ve got a cold too, which is absolutely wonderful news, as I REALLY need another cold.

Anyhow, the next time I update will probably be from the new apartment.