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Design Sites

Since I seem to have a lot of time on my hand these days, I’ve been looking around at some of the more famous and note worthy design sites, mostly to learn something new to benefit my portfolio.Most of these sites are filled to the rim with tutorials, reviews and freebies, like textures and backgrounds.

Also have noticed how the “grunge look” is very popular with designers. Most of these sites seem to use heavily textured backgrounds made from canvas, torn paper and other such dirtied textures.

Saying that, I have learned quite a lot, found new technologies which people have been using for months and that I’ve been oblivious to. JQuery is one such technology. I’m not going to talk about it, if you want to know read their website.

I’ve listed some of these sites below:

You can follow most of these on twitter too, which seems to be the new RSS these days. Twitter that is.