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Day to Day No More…

So I’ve been slaving away at Ogilvy for over a year and a half now, even though for the last year, I’ve been working solely for Kodak. You can see my handy work if 1) you visit Kodaks online shop or 2) receive emails from Kodak twice a month. Also I built a site they did for some silly ass infomercial, which was totally cheese factor #10.

But I feel it’s time for a change…

What kind of change you may ask? I don’t really know for sure myself. All I know is that I’d like to try my hand at something else. Something more rewarding and my own. One thing is for certain, I’d have to stay at Ogilvy for the time being, as I fund my new venture. Be it photography or something else.

I have been thinking about videography for a while now. But putting myself in front of the camera and reporting isn’t that enticing at the moment. Saying that, a friend of mine recently moved onto doing just that for the Telegraph newspaper (online) here in the UK. I must admit, he isn’t all that great in front of the camera, or rather the whole production of it is… erm… quite cheesy. I mean, the least he could do is take his bangles off when he is waving his arms about or running around trying to be all political. Jingle jingle isn’t going to win me over. You can view it for yourselves. The topics, as you’d expect from a newspaper are status quo.

Funny enough, I have a video of him back in 2002-2003 when I visited Egypt where he was doing an off-camera report on various things in Cairo. He was a lot funnier back then. All serious now, well sort of. I may encode it at some stage and stick it on YouTube, just to embarrass him.

On another note, I sold an image to a publication in Singapore the other day. You could say it was my 1st large format sale. Maybe there is hope for me yet in photography.

Either way, I have till Christmas to decide what I need to do. So watch this space.