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Install & Re-install Nightmares

Right, so yesterday I got myself a copy of Apples OS X for Intel/AMD, from a friend who had a lot of luck installing it on his PC, instead of WindBLOWS. Overjoyed with the fact that now I can have the beautiful OS X Tiger running on my machine, instead of the shitty Windows, I put the CD in, connected a brand new 320Gig HD and off we went.

The 1st attempt didn’t work. For some reason it didn’t like having all the 320Gig to play with. So I partitioned and gave it 100gig. Then it worked, and installation went smooth with me wetting my pants with excitement.

Everything worked, it even found the on-board sound card. It then rebooted to go into the wonderful world of OS X, and the 1st thing it told me after booting is “Lets start by you plugging in a keyboard and mouse”. And I thought, HUH? … For some strange reason, it recognised my mouse/keyboard in the set-up program, but not when it came to the full-blown OS X.

So fighting with it till 4am, switching various things off in the bios, and unplugging various hardware, but I got nowhere with it, and I gave up and went to sleep.

In the morning, I thought I really can’t be bothered with this, (as it seems to not like my mother board) and I re-installed a fresh copy of Windows XP on the same HD, and this is where I am today.

It’s 4:29am, and I’ve just about finished getting all the essentials working. i.e. browsers / firewall / anti-virus etc. etc.. Tomorrow (or rather later today) I’ll start on the main applications. JeeWeez…Fun for all!