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Affinity PARTY on 17th March, LONDON

Affinity PARTY on 17th March, LONDON

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QUOTE: “A fantastic event to send orphaned and abandoned children in Africa and Eastern Europe to school and provide a nurturing environment for them to grow in. What YOU can do to HELP is buy a virtual gift for £25 that can send one child to school for a WHOLE YEAR.”

And that’s not all.. This will also be your TICKET TO A FUNKY PARTY with Notting Hill DJ’s, wine, dancing (+ lessons!), countless networking opportunities (aiming for 500 people), and a lot more.. this is not a standard ‘charity event’‘.. this is HOT STUFF!!!!!

Here’s how to buy your ticket:

Go to www.affinityevent.com, purchase a virtual gift and change the life of an orphaned or abandoned child.”