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Where Is Their Vote?

I took advantage of the bus going past the filthy hole that is the Iranian embassy, and shot this video. Not a huge amount of protestors were around, but the ones that had turned up were quite loud with music and such.

Maybe I’ll get more tomorrow. Planning on going down there with the DSLR and get some action shots. If they don’t kick my head in, thinking I was an embassy scum.

Amen Brother!

Oh how funny and true this is. I know many people who’d like to do that.

OS X baby, OS fucking X!!!


Strange but funny…

Design Sites

Since I seem to have a lot of time on my hand these days, I’ve been looking around at some of the more famous and note worthy design sites, mostly to learn something new to benefit my portfolio.

Something Different to Cook

    Hungarian Goulash (Gulyasleves)

Here is a recipe for authentic Hungarian Goulash I am going to make from someones grandmothers recipe who were from Austria-Hungary. Every family has its own version of Goulash.

I remember my Hungarian friend making Goulash at home, back in the late 80s, when we were only 18 or so. He was and still is a pretty good cook, and quite an expert at making Goulash.

The Big ‘Four Oh’

So yesterday was my 40th birthday. I guess some call it the mid life.

I must admit, so far it feels no different, especially since I started developing aches and pains way before 38 :)

Friends at work took me out to lunch on Friday and we had a few too much to drink on a work day in the sun, which made it so much harder to concentrate at work. Then went for a couple more drinks after work and then home to collapse.

Jailbreak House Rock

So, after many months of umming and erring, I pwnd my iPhone. Oh man have I been missing all the goodness that it brings.

Applications which aren’t allowed by apples stupid sdk, like Qik which allows you to do live streaming over wifi or 3G. It’s quite amazing to see what people are capable of making. Life without walls Apple, without walls.

I’m going to try and blog a lot more now that I have a decent iPhone blogging tool (iBlogger). So you’ll hear more rants from me soon.

In the meanwhile, you can follow me on Twitter.

[Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Small message to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

May it be full of joy and happiness, and plenty plenty food :)

I Twitt!

I’ve started to use twitter quite a lot. More than this blog it seems, which is a shame. But you can find me on twitter under bobacks.

Make It Loud

Sennheiser HD280proI’ve been looking for a really good pair of headphones for a while now. I used to have a pair of Sony ones that generated an amazing treble and pretty rocking bass. The mid-range wasn’t amazing, but didn’t let the headphones down.

A friend at work let me listen to his 3 year old Sennheiser HD280pro, and I was blown away by two things. The sound quality was unreal, and the noise leak in or out was almost zero.

They look quite huge, and not the prettiest of headphones. But that’s not why I bought them. I’m mostly going to be using them at home, or at my desk at work. Not the kind of headsets you’d want to use on the tube, though the friend at work wears them over his hat, in the tube.

UPDATE: So I just purchased the Sennheiser HD280pro. Lets see how long they take to arrive.

A Short Anim

Pretty good short anim. Funny enough it’s suppose to be happening on some Greek island, which looks very similar to where I wanted to go for my honeymoon. I think its called Santorini Island.

Join the Dark Side…

I found this today and I’m sure it’s been around for donkey’s years. But it’s nice timing with the release of “The Force Unleashed”, which I am VERY looking forward too.

More updates soon. I’ve been rather fucking slack since I’ve got married. I WILL pull my socks up and add more posts.

Mobile Blogging

So I bought an iPhone and am using it right now to blog while laying I’m bed. Sad I know, but easy and relaxing.

Actually using a Word Press app to connect to my blog. It’s somewhat of a no frils app, but seems to do what it needs to do, and I’ve become quite good at typing on the iPhone.

I don’t have a lot to complains about the iPhone, except the über shite battery life and the lack of decent Bluetooth support. Besides that, I love every thing else about it.

I am sure when they add copy an paste in the new update it will be even cooler. Not forgetting the turn by turn GPS, which will allow for such apps like TomTom, as right now the GPS is not much help except to tell you where you are right now on the google map or emailing your current location to a friend or twitted. Allbeit useful some times. It would work great in an emergency.

I’ll write more later about the iPhone and bedroom blogging. For now I bid you good night.

Oh Bollox!

So it’s been a couple of weeks without any updates, thanks to my previous hosting company, who shall remain nameless “cough Dreamhost cough”.

It took them two weeks to restore my files from some remote servers, so I was told. But for fucks sake, you’re suppose to be a professional hosting company and not a tinpot 50p host. HOW ABOUT BACKUPS? … Arseholes.

Anyway, I’ve moved my files and all my domains to a new fast and much cheaper company, who offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space. They’re called Hostmonster and so far, I am pretty pleases. Dreamhost was slowing down every day, it would take so long to get to my pages. And I know if it was me browsing someones site at that speed, I’d move on.

To cut a long story short, I’m still updating all the files and as you can see, I’ve not moved my skins over to the new WP update. This weekend, I’m hoping to do everything and bring it back to normality. Also notice photoblog isn’t working.

Check back in a few days (all 4 of you that look at my blogs ;)