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Things to Do When You're Unemployed (II)

About 3 years ago, I was in the same situation as I am in now. i.e. Unemployed.

Back then I spent most nights and sometimes days watching TV shows I’d always wanted to see and I went through them like a hot knife through butter.

I listed some series I’d watched to completion, and I think it’s time for round two.I have some recommendations for fellow “in-between-jobbers“. In no order of preference:

1 ) The Wire (5 Seasons. Done) 2 ) Rescue Me (5 Seasons so far) 3 ) Six Feet Under (5 Seasons. Done) 4 ) Dexter (3 Seasons so far) 5 ) 30 Rock (3 Seasons so far) 6 ) Californication (2 Seasons so far) 7 ) Generation Kill (mini series. Done) 8 ) House (5 Seasons so far) 9 ) Lost (5 Seasons so far) 10) Frasier (11 Seasons. Done) 11) Pushing Daisies (2 Seasons. Done) 12) Nip/Tuck (5 Seasons so far)

That should do it for now. It’ll keep you busy through many weeks of frustration with recruitment agents.