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The Big 'Four Oh'

So yesterday was my 40th birthday. I guess some call it the mid life.

I must admit, so far it feels no different, especially since I started developing aches and pains way before 38 :)

Friends at work took me out to lunch on Friday and we had a few too much to drink on a work day in the sun, which made it so much harder to concentrate at work. Then went for a couple more drinks after work and then home to collapse.

Friday was also my last day at Ogilvy for a while. Work had been drying up and there wasn’t a need for me to come back. Though they did say they would want me back in a couple of weeks.

This could be good, since I was in need of a break and I also have a few other projects I’d like to pay attention to, and of course, my much needed portfolio is in need of a major update. After all it has been almost 2 years since I touched it.

So I’ll be having a lot more time to updated this forgotten blog, and maybe take a few more photos too.