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Three Weeks On…

So, it has been three weeks since Nikki, Zoé and I moved in together, here in old rainy London. Even though it hasn’t actually rained properly since we’ve been back.

Since we moved into an area of London that I am not familiar with very much, we’ve all had to adjust to the new surroundings and whatnot.

Nikki and I have ventured out to find the local shops and near-by restaurants, which this area has plenty of. Though our progress has been hindered by my dodgy ankle, which has been aching for a long time, and I have no idea why. Even so, we’re found the local massive grocerry store, a decent pet store for Zoés needs (posh food, litter and the occasional cat crack, i.e Catnip), some good places to eat and a hardware store for kitchen goodies.

We have done a few visits to IKEA for bits-and-bobs for the house since the apartment was more or less barren of anything we liked, and only had a few home comforts. I think we are pretty much there with what we need from IKEA, though it’s like crack for Nikki, so I am sure there will be a visit soon :p

Zoé seems a lot more calm from how she was on the 1st week. She pretty much spent the 1st week under the bed, and when she was out, she was shaking the whole time. Every noise would make her jump a few feet in the air. Not anymore it seems, thank god, it was getting annoying to have to go and drag her out from under the bed every hour for some daily cat teasing.

We only have a few small issues with this apartment right now, and one of them is the bathroom washing up sink. They are replacing it have replaced it, but the new one is even smaller than before. But hopefully that is getting resolved this week.

All in all, we’re pretty happy with this place, but I am sure we will get VERY bored of the tiny kitchen very soon, and want to move to somewhere bigger. But that won’t happen for a few months at least.