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The Bridge

This weekend, I are mostly been going through DV tapes I shot from 2000 all the way to 2003. I’ve not used my DV cam much in the past few years. It’s been mostly in my fathers hands for his trips back to Iran. I found a few interesting bits on all the tapes I scanned, and uploaded a couple of very short scenes to Youtube. I’ll have to go through them more carefully when time permits.

This is something I shot back in 2000, when I used to work for a company called Rare Medium. The company is now dead and buried, mostly thanks to the Über crap management of the UK division, firstly ran by the super incompitant team of Dale Hartleben and his wife, Karen Booth. Then topped off by some twat who took over the role, and then got fired for sexual harassment. Fitting end for a shit company who wasted 3 years of my life with dreams and promises they never delivered. I’m not bitter… Much.

Anyway, this video is part of a 60 min shoot I did for a boat trip they organized down the Thames river.