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I Twitt!

I’ve started to use twitter quite a lot. More than this blog it seems, which is a shame. But you can find me on twitter under bobacks. It is limited to about 100 or so characters, so I will still be blogging and I do have a lot to say. Just haven’t had the time to sit down and type it.

I was away for 2 weeks, then my Macbook Pros GPU died, which is a common issue for MBPs made early 2007, which is when I bought mine. Thankfully Apple replaced it for no cost, even though my warranty had ran out, and I am a moron for not getting Apple Care. Amongst all this, both Nikki and I caught some nasty nasty bug, and we’re still somewhat suffering from it. Antibiotics have helped, but not cleared completely.

Anyhow, over the Christmas holidays I’ll be writing some more here, as I have a few things to write about which I’ve been putting on hold.

Have a great Christmas.