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To Print or Not to Print

So, I’ve finally located a half decent website, which will print, frame and deliver my selected photos to whoever is interested. I decided to look for such a place as I was getting a number of request from various people, who wanted to print them and put them up in their offices and homes.

Well, as an (f)artist, I don’t feel safe sending large TIFF/JPG files around to people I don’t know. You know, copyright issues and whatnot. How do I know if they’re going to use them in publications and such. Besides, it’s a lot easier to just click on the photos, get them printed, canvased or framed, then delivered to your home with only a few clicks.

To be honest, I would like to someday have my very own shopping-cart for selling prints directly from my fotoblog. Just makes more sense. Saying that, my hosting company, the lovely Dreamhost have provided me with a number of tools to do this, but I have no idea how they work, and right now, don’t have the time to read oodles of manual pages. I hope to remedy this soon.