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Thanks for NOTHING, Subaru

Subaru, you BASTARDS!

You’ve ruined one of the most beautiful shapes of cars ever made. The Impreza was an awesome car, with mean looks and great power. Striking lighting blue, with gold wheels and an air vent on the front hood that could suck in a whale.

But noooooooo, you had to go and make a fucking hatch back out of it. YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!

How could you ruin the beauty which was the Impreza with you filthy plans of a hatch back. How do you expect to be taken seriously in a hatch back that looks like a cheap Mazda or a Golf. YOU BASTARDS!!!

I mean for the love of god, what the hell is this monstrosity? When you had the meanest looking road and race car? YOU BASTARDS!!!

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