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We had about 4 inches of snow today in [tag]London[/tag]. Woke up at 8am to drop my mother off at her work, because she was unsure about driving in the snow.

It was fun, had to drive in 1st gear all the way down our street, since the snow was so deep and slippery. Automatic cars have their advantages. You stick it in 1st, and it rolls on its own, and you don’t get stuck in the snow. Breaking was fun. You could turn the wheel either way, you’d still go straight.

Anyway, decided to go to [tag]Alexandra Palace[/tag] and take some pictures. When I got there, there were tons of people sliding down the hills on anything they could get their hands on. From bags to wooden planks, to proper sporty toboggans. Seems like they’d closed a few near by schools and they let them loose out there. It wasn’t just the kids who were going nuts on the slopes.

Of course some fucking idiot kids threw snowballs at my car, and I got out to strangle them, but they ran down the hill. Hope they fell and broke something. Fucking hooligans.

Besides that, it was a fun morning. Lots of nice shots which I’ll eventually upload to my fotoblog and flickr.

Shame the snow is melting now at 10pm, and its going to be all gone by tomorrow. Goodbye snow.