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More OS X Experiments

So, back a good few weeks a go, I attempted to put OS X on my Intel based PC, with no luck. Since it didn’t recognise any of the USB ports and such. So since I have a new motherboard and CPU, I thought I’d give it another go.

This time round, it installed just fine, and there popped OS X, or as my friend calls it, FrankenMac. Came across a few driver problems, as I thought I would. Namely the network card, graphics drivers and sound card. So after hunting around for hours, and with some help from Tim (who’s already running FrankenMac) I managed to get network to work, so I could browse and stuff. It was quite strange having OS X running on my machine. But it was very quick.

After fiddling around with it for a few hours, I had to think real hard whether I would really use this machine as an Apple, or would eventually hit a brick wall when it came to my love of small utils that make my life easier, and since the answer was no, I formatted the drive, and installed a fresh copy of XP.

So here I am, new PC (not so new, but so much faster than my old one), running XP and all that glorious software installation to go… sigh….

But at least I gave OS X a try, and I could always install it on another drive and have a dual booty thing, maybe.