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Face Lift

So welcome to this new version of my blog. It’s an updated Word Press plus the Hemingway theme, which I’ve heavily modified to suit these colours and style. But pardon the mess the paint crew made. They left a bucket of paint, and I accidentally kicked it. I’ll try and clean it as soon as possible ;)

I’ve been hacking away at the CSS code for the last 3 hours, and I think I’ve reached a point where it looks quite nice and tidy. Maybe a few holes to fill, and a few more mods to install. Otherwise, she’s good to go.

I also think I’m going to blog a lot more, and I’m going to add some tutorials and hints, on such programs as Adobe Photoshop, Flash and maybe I’ll add in some hints on painting planes for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. I might also include tips on photo retouching and digital darkrooms.