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Cloning Your Boot Camp XP/Vista Partition (Part II)

Well I spent most of Saturday morning trying to backup the XP partition on my MacBook Pro with Winclone, which was like pulling your eyebrows out with a pair of industrial sized pliers.

Now I don’t believe that it’s Winclone that’s at fault here. Copying 50Gb of data and compressing it is just not a fast process. In fact, it tries to make sure that you can restore the data back on whatever size HD/Partition you like. Which is smart. Though Ghost on the PC does the same thing. It took about 3 hours to make an image (iso) of the whole partition and copy it over to the external HD.

The next step was restoring back the image to the new drive. Jesus, this was even slower. It took so long, I had to stop it quarter of the way in, because I was bored of it.

Let me explain; I set it off, went downstairs to watch the new episode of Stargate Atlantis (which was great btw) and after that I watched some crap TV, had some food, watched more TV and vegged out.

To my surprise, it had only done 24% by then. So I pressed STOP and thought I’d leave it for another day.

The plan is to set it off tomorrow (today) while I am at work, and hope for the best. I’ll let the MacMini do the donkey work this time.