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And Then There Were More…

So I purchased a couple more small applications today.

Hazel : Is a file automation program / preferences, which automates actions depending on file types and / or extensions. So for example, if you download a lot of jpgs, and you manually have to move them to your photo/images folder, you can set Hazel to constantly check the desktop or any other folder for jpgs, and as soon as you drop one there, it moves it to where you want.

It’s a lot more than just that. But that’s what I am using it for. Torrent / Rar and zip files. Great app.

Mars Edit : is a great application for blogging. Instead of using the clunky web based UI of WordPress, I just use a very pretty (as all OS X apps are) user interface to communicate with WordPress and do my typing, organisation, editing etc. etc.

So now, I can blog from work, if I so wish. It’ll also entice me into doing more blogging.