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All Grown Up

Since I bought my MacBook Pro a couple of months ago, I’ve been busy looking for good software, for everyday use as well as robust applications that help keep the Mac run clean and healthy.

So today after using unsavoury versions of a few applications, I decided to spend some pound sterling and buy these tools, which in all honesty are well designed applications that do exactly what they’re suppose to. In no particular order:

1 ) AppZapper : Great un-installer program that removes pretty much all traces.

2 ) XSlimmer : Gets rid of the useless PowerPC code inside the Universal Binary Application files. Since I run on Intel, I don’t need the PowerPC chunk. Also strips other languages I don’t use out of it too.

3 ) LensFix Ci : Fixes the distortion from all my lenses on the photos taken. Great if you are a fan of wide-angle lenses, like me.

4 ) LittleSnitch : Little Snitch tells you when a program tries to send info to the internet so you can see what’s going on in the background!

5 ) TextExpander : If you’re crap at spelling like me, this is a great tool. It replaces the commonly misspelled words, as you type and also allows you to add more shortcuts and abbreviations which when typed, get replaced by what you assigned them to.

6 ) QuickTime Pro : Well you know what this does. I just needed it for the codecs.

7 ) 1passwd : It’s like RoboForm password manager on the PC. It remembers all your logins and passwords on forums and sites that have user logins. Also allows you to fill in forms which ask the usual questions like, name/surname/address etc. etc.

8 ) BluePhoneElite 2 : Helps organise my mobile phone and lets me type and receive SMS on the mac.

I’m sure I’ll buy more, as there are 100s of great applications for OS X. Next purchase, Leopard.

There are also 100s of free applications on the mac, and some of those I couldn’t live without. To name a few: Adium / Chicken VNC / Senuti / SuperDuper / UnRarX and VLC.

Anyway, I should be doing some work. I’ve taken far too long of a break.