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A Bit of TV Show Rambling

I think I watch far too many shows. So much so, that just British TV isn’t enough for me. I download shows from US, espciallly things like Heroes, Dexter, Californication or Lost, to name a few.

A good few months back, I listed shows that I had watched from season 1 to their end. Mostly because I wasn’t in full time employment and was mostly working from home. The number of episodes was long, and some of those shows are ongoing. A good few shows have been added to the list, like Dexter, Weeds, Californication, Pushing Daisies, Reaper, Chuck and a few more. But some of the new seasons of the old shows are a real let down.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of those shoes. It used to be such a cringe worthy show, almost to the point where you’d hold your head in your hands waiting for the scene to end. Now it’s just annoying, and very unfunny. I don’t think I’ve laughed once since the start of the new season (6). In fact, I’d go so far as saying that I think Larry David has gone out of his way to make the show shit, so HBO wouldn’t ask him to make another season.

On the other hand, shows like My Name is Earl have become so much better and funnier. The stories have grown and characters have developed a long way. Entourage is the same. That show just never seems long enough. Always ending too quickly while leaving you wanting to see more. House is also always entertaining. Got to cheer for the great British actors. heh.

A few shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Smallville are creeping into the Larry David field of just plain annoying. With Grey’s taking the lead on “Why the fuck do I waste my time with this show” and “is this crap going to get any better”.

I’d like to recommend a couple of new shows for anyone who cares to read this blog. One being the new Kelsey Grammer comedy called Back to you, and the other is David Duchovny’s Californication. Both witty and good waste of 30mins.

To finish off, I recommend everyone to watch the Star Wars special for both Family Guy and Robot Chicken. They were very funny, and very well done.