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UK Bigbrother 7 Started…

So Bigblobber 7 UK started on Channel4 last week. So far, they’ve had more drama than usual, in the 1st week. One has already person left, and one person got kicked out for breaking the oh-so-mighty Big Brother rule. Oh go fuck yourself Enam-mole Endemole.

What’s the big deal about BB I hear you ask? Well you watch it to see people fight, moan, bitch, argue, cry for cigarettes, fall over and generally abuse another human being on live TV. Yes we like to see that. The funny thing is, I am going to the US in a few days, and their BB starts soon, and that one is just a huge ass bitch fest. In some ways, its funnier than UK BB, but in most ways, it’s a serious yawn fest most of the times.

Anyway, that’s all I’m gonna say for this first post on this new blog. Hopefully I’ll ramble some more later.

P.S. All the posts below are from my previous blog on blogger.com which I imported.