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PSP v2.0 Raped Without KY

PSP Originally uploaded by Boback.

It always amazes me how the mind of hackers/coders works. Somehow, from the smallest bit of error/bug, made by an electronic giant, they’ve managed to outright rape the Sony PSP’s new operating system, and make it do what they want.

This is a bit like writing a virus to take advantage of people who don’t upgrade their Internet Explorer. The difference being, the PSP doesn’t tell you when it needs to be patched.

These coders have managed to take advantage of a small bug the PSP has in displaying a certain picture format (like jpg or gif, but PNG in this case) and make it doubt itself, and allow them to take it back down to the old operating system which had even more holes. i.e. v1.5 which is currently the hot favourite. Since it allows you to run “back-up” games off the memory card. Not to mention a whole host of other “homebrew” software, written by various clever people around the world.

Hats off to these people for their abilities to find the smallest bug, and make it the size of a tunnel. If I had a company and lots of money, I know who I’d like to hire to code for me!