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Back From the Americas

Sony PSP and bits Originally uploaded by Boback.

Well, it’s now been 2 weeks (almost) since I’ve returned from my 2 month vacation in the US of A. Many fun times was had by all, and now I’m back to square one on deciding where to spend the rest of my life. Or at least, the first few years, of the rest of my life. If that makes any sense.

While in the US, I decided to invest (ha!) in a new Sony Playstaion Portable (PSP). Very cute device and tons of fun. Great for that long ass flight, or drive. Which I did a few of those long drives while in the US. South Carolina (home) to Orlando. And again SC to Atlanta, to go to the closest IKEA, believe it or not.

It was bitter sweet to come back. I miss my girlfriend more than ever, but at the same time, I needed to get back to work and life back at home. Plus the fact I missed the mixture of people who live in London. Most of all, I missed Indian food and some good Chinese food.

As they say, back to the grind stone for me.